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Self Sustaining Hive Monitoring Solution

Hive Tool Mobile's Hive Sensors is a rugged self sustaining hive weight, temperature and humidity monitoring solution.

No power cords, internet, WiFi

Hive Sensors is powered by solar energy and leverages bluetooth communication to convey data.

Our design goal was to provide a monitoring solution that does not rely on The Grid. Place the unit in the wilderness and as long as it gets sunlight, it will just work.

Our form factor matches a medium super and so has the appearance of any other piece of hive woodware. We think it's an unobtrusive and natural fit - and the unit stacks nicely with the usual woodware.

Hive Sensors at Chehaw Park, Albany GA. The white super is the Hive Sensors unit; solar pack is on top.

How does it work?

Hive Sensors logs weight, temperature and humidity samples on the hour to durable storage. The Hive Sensors mobile application is used to interface with the unit.

When inspection time arrives, use the mobile application to connect to the unit and download the samples gathered since the last inspection.

When connected via a bluetooth enabled device, the unit broadcasts current conditions every second, observable via the Hive Sensors mobile application.

When disconnected, the application displays the last sampled data.

Sensors (always displayed)

Connected: the current weight.
Disconnected: the last sampled weight.

Connected: the current temperature.
Disconnected: the last sampled temperature.

Connected: the current humidity.
Disconnected: the last sampled humidity.

Components (only displayed when connected)

The current time according to the unit. Tap to sync the clock with the mobile device clock.

The amount of logged data available for transfer. Tap to transfer sampled data to the mobile device.

The firmware version of the unit.

The Hive Sensors mobile application provides a charting view providing an excellent visualization of your sampled data. All transferred data is available for review via the charting feature when disconnected.

OK but why not internet + wifi?

Internet + wifi is fine but it can be complicated to setup for some and is impractical for many whose apiaries are not in a (sub)urban setting.

Ultimately, a beekeeper has to go to the yard - and that's why bluetooth just makes sense. We wanted our initial model to be autonomous - and it is.

So I should get one for every hive?

No way! We recommend one unit per apiary. When following basic beekeeping practices, hives in the yard will be approximately equal in strength - so monitoring one hive in the yard is enough.

Get you some Hive Sensors Mobile!

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Unit cost: $250 USD

We hope to re-stock by the end of January, 2018. Thank you!

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