We've Unveiled Community Edition!

Honey Bee Wellness Is Our Mission.

Meaningful, regular record keeping is the foundation of healthy and successful colonies. The mission of HiveTool Mobile is to deliver a top quality mobile application that promotes honey bee wellness by providing beekeepers a modern, easy to use record keeping and task management system which encourages best practices.

To that end The HiveTool Mobile Team is proud to announce Community Edition, a FREE HiveTool Mobile experience that is perfect for beginning beekeepers.

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State of the Art Beehive Management

No Nonsense Beekeeping Software.

HiveTool Mobile is a sleek, feature-rich yet no nonsense solution for managing your beehives. HiveTool Mobile takes a minimalist approach focusing on the tasks it was built for: planning, recording, managing and analyzing the state of your beehives and apiaries over time.


Manage your beehives, not your beehive notes.

Focus on what matters.

Take your favorite tablet or smart phone into the field and leave those binders, clipboards, notebooks and pencils behind. Use your favorite hand-held device to log your beehive inspections. Enjoy instant recall of prior inspections for any beehive and receive immediate insights through graph analysis, all while in the field.

No more lost inspections. No more scraps of paper. No more fumbling. Log your inspections and go with confidence knowing your beehive data moves with you, because HiveTool Mobile is truly mobile.

True Mobility

Inspect your beehives whenever and wherever.

It's not mobile if the primary feature of an app requires a cell tower, network or web page. Simply because an app is on a hand-held device doesn't make it mobile. It's truly mobile only when your beehive data is mobile - because your beehive data should move with you.

Make no mistake: HiveTool Mobile is top quality mobile-first application, built from the beginning for mobile devices.

With HiveTool Mobile, inspect your beehives anytime, anywhere - even where there is zero network connectivity. When the time is right for you, safeguard your beehive inspection data to the cloud with HiveTool Mobile Sync. Then sync other supported devices with your HiveTool Mobile data.

Whether you have some down-time and want to review an apiary (bee yard), are attending a club meeting or consulting with a mentor, or have bumped into another beekeeper – you always have your beehive data on hand to share.

Inspection System

Inspections should be fast because your time is valuable.

The HiveTool Mobile Inspection System is designed from the ground up to accommodate the most basic needs to the demands of advanced reporting. Enter just the information you need.

There are 2 prime features that ease your inspection workflow, making inspections a snap whether your managing 5 beehives or 500 beehives.

Forward Inspections

The Forward Inspections feature lets you flow current beehive inspection data forward to your new inspection date. This action creates a new set of current inspections for all beehives in the apiary.

Express Inspection

An Express Inspection speeds the inspection workflow by allowing you to apply identical beehive inspection data to a selection of beehives. An Express Inspection merges your Express Inspection with current beehive inspections.

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Effortless Setup

Just get started. Fast.

With HiveTool Mobile's Express Setup feature you'll build up your apiary (bee yard) in seconds, not minutes or hours. Simply create an apiary (bee yard), specify how many beehives there are and optionally stage beehive configurations in short order. You'll be logging inspections in no time.

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Connect the Dots

Deep insights at your fingertips.

You'll track beehive progress and differentiate beehives and apiaries (bee yards) in new and exciting ways with HiveTool Mobile Insights. Build custom graphs that satisfy your curiosity with the HiveTool Mobile Insights Wizard.

Say goodbye to the tedious, time wasting, error prone process of transcribing field notes into a spreadsheet just to crunch the numbers.

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HiveTool Mobile Respects Your Data

We don't hold your beehive inspection data hostage.

We at HiveTool Mobile recognize it's through your hard work that beehive data is produced.

Export your HiveTool Mobile beehive inspection data to a file format compatible with most any spreadsheet to do what HiveTool Mobile doesn't (yet ).

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HiveTool Mobile Respects Your Privacy

You shouldn't have to trade your privacy to use an awesome application!

HiveTool Mobile never shares personally identifiable information. Ever.

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One App, Multiple Devices and Platforms

Because Mobile Should Mean Just That: Mobile.

With HiveTool Mobile you can share your HiveTool Mobile Sync beehive inspection data with other devices - you're not tied down to one device because you can share your beehive inspection data with your other supported devices.

With support in the works for iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10 Universal, you won't be tied down to one platform either - because when we say mobile, we mean it!