Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add another account to access/share my hive data?

At this time the application does not support a multi-user database scenario.

However the application does support single account and database deployments across multiple devices. In other words you can have as many supported devices accessing your HiveTool Mobile data as you wish.

Setting up HiveTool Mobile on another device is a snap:

  • To the target device, add the account under which HiveTool Mobile was first installed
  • Install HiveTool Mobile from the Store
  • Run HiveTool Mobile
When there's more than one account installed on the device, you will be asked to pick an account. HiveTool Mobile will verify the account and then pull your synchronized data from the HiveTool Mobile Cloud.

You can determine the account under which HiveTool Mobile was installed by visiting the Account area via the Main Menu.

It's critical to keep data Synchronized when using multiple devices. Devices have their own version of your data and as such are not magically aware of changes - Inspections, for example - made on another device (yet).

How many apiaries may I create?

Subscriptions and Trial

Since the application caps the number of beehives based on the Subscription (or trial), the number of apiaries is unlimited currently.

Community Edition

The free Community Edition is limited to one apiary.

What's the best way to setup an apiary (bee yard)?

When first adding beehives to an apiary, make sure Express Setup is enabled on the Add Hives view.

Express Setup will create beehives based on the data you provide. For beehive variances, use Express Inspection or per-hive inspections to amend the initial beehive setup data.

If you have groups of beehives that vary, for example a Langstroth 10 group and a group of 5-Frame Nucs, perform an Add Hives action for each group using Express Setup.

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What's the best way to inspect my apiary (bee yard)?

You Don't Have to File a Single Inspection For Each Beehive

If you have a small number of beehives, performing per-hive inspections is not a problem. But as the number of beehives increases, use the recommended workflow for inspecting your apiary.

The recommended way to inspect an apiary (bee yard) is to use the following feature workflow:

Forward Inspections

Flow current beehive inspection data forward to the date of your inspection to. This creates a new set of current inspections for all beehives in the apiary.

Express Inspection

Choose beehives and file inspection data common to the selected beehives. An Express Inspection merges current beehive inspection data with the Express Inspection data.

Per Beehive Inspection

Amend a current beehive inspection for special, per-hive cases.

The Forward Inspections and Express Inspection features are available from an apiary's navigation menu.

You may file as many Express Inspections as needed. An Express Inspection merges current beehive inspection data with the Express Inspection data.

You may edit the current inspection of any beehive from the Hive view by tapping on the beehive summary's Edit icon.

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How do I inspect a single hive?

From the Hive view, tap the Inspection icon on the navigation bar.

Why isn't HiveTool Mobile Sync automatic?

We're sensitive to your network costs, and generally we dislike the idea of an application potentially incurring bandwidth penalties without your knowledge or consent. It's your network, device and data - you should be in control rather than being at the mercy of an application.

Why are trials limited to 100 beehives?

100 beehives matches The Master Beekeeper subscription. We believe this tier is the perfect middle ground for testing the application reasonably from the hobbyist to the sideliner.

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