How To: Export


Because It's Your Data!

We don't hold your beehive inspection data hostage.

Export Actions

HiveTool Mobile let's your export the complete set of beehive inspections for any given apiary.

The export format is compatibile with most any spreadsheet application. When you trigger an export, you choose which eMail application on your device will be used to send the exported data. The exported data is transported as an eMail attachment to whomever you wish!

To Export an apiary,

  • Visit an apiary (bee yard) in the application
  • From the Apiary menu, choose Export
  • Choose your preferred eMail application
  • Choose to whom to send the exported apiary
  • Send!

If your device is in airplane mode or otherwise offline, your eMail application should queue the export eMail for transport as soon as a network becomes available. Truly mobile!