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Apiary Management: Setup

Hive Actions

This How To highlights the following apiary management actions:

  • Add Hives
  • Express Setup
  • Delete Hives

Add Hives

From the Apiaries view, tap an apiary to visit the Apiary View, which lists the apiary's beehives.

To add beehives, tap the on the navigation bar or tap the Apiary menu icon and then select  Add Hives.

Complete the Add Hives view by providing the following information.

Number of Hives

Enter the number of beehives you are adding to the apiary.


From the list, select the type of beehive configuration you are adding.

Express Setup

For the purpose of this How To, we enable (default) the Express Setup option.

Express Setup

The Express Setup view is triggered when the Add Hives view is completed with Express Setup enabled.

The Express Setup view is composed of fields that are fairly self-explanatory. As with other views in the application, if you are unsure of the purpose of something tap the icon, located just below the navigation bar to the right for help.

Here we shall focus on two very important fields, Setup Date and Full Frames of Bees.

Setup Date

A rather self-explanatory data item, the default Setup Date is "today".
Note that the Setup Date may be assigned a date in the past, present or future.

Full Frames of Bees

This data is used to approximate the adult population. The value is itself an approximation, for example if you observe 12 frames 1/2 full of bees, then Full Frames of Bees = 6.

Note that Full Frames of Bees value is not added to the tally of frames that comprise the hive.

Once the required fields have been completed, the Done button on the right of the navigation bar appears. Tap Done to complete the Express Setup view - and to conclude the Add Hives workflow. You are returned to the apiary's view, where you see the newly added beehives listed.

Deleting Hives

While in the desired apiary view (list of beehives), tap the navigation menu icon and select  Delete Hives.

The Delete Hives view presents you with a complete list beehives in the apiary. Tap each beehive you wish to delete and then tap "OK". You will be asked to confirm the action.

 Deletions cannot be undone. 

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Apiary Management

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