HiveTool Mobile Features

Zero Network Operation

Quite often, apiaries are located in remote locations where network connectivity is spotty, at best. HiveTool Mobile doesn't require a network to manage your apiary because HiveTool Mobile is a truly mobile application. Work offline whenever and where ever.

It's simpler to list the scenaries where a network is required than not. HiveTool Mobile requires a network in only a few reasonable instances:

Subscriptions must be verified at least every 45 days.

Express Setup

The HiveTool Mobile Express Setup feature let's you build up fully configured beehives for an apiary in a minute or less!
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Inspection System

With 10 major reporting categories plus Notes and Custom "Other" field support, we've got your reporting needs covered.

The HiveTool Mobile Inspection System is streamlined, uncomplicated and right to the point - no getting lost in a maze of forms, no forced inputs - enter just the data you need.

Forward Inspections

Forward Inspections let's you prepare a new apiary inspection by flowing all current beehive inspections to a new set of current inspections on a date of your choosing, in seconds.
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Express Inspections

Choose beehives and file inspection data common to the selected beehives. Each Express Inspection merges current beehive inspection data with the Express Inspection data. You may file as many Express Inspections as needed.

When combined with the Forward Inspections feature you've got the highly streamlined, powerful yet easy to use beehive inspection tool you've been looking for!
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HiveTool Mobile To-Do's makes it easy to plan and track tasks for your apiary (bee yard) from start to finish. The To-Do's feature is fully integrated with the Forward Inspection and Express Inspections workflows taking apiary & beehive management to a level not yet seen in beekeeping software.
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HiveTool Mobile Insights isn't a collection of carefully selected canned graphs, it's a dynamic system of analysis tailored by you.

You won't be intimidated by complex formulas or layouts. The HiveTool Mobile Insights Wizard will guide you through chart creation - you will create analytical graphs to visualize your beehives and apiaries with complete ease.

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HiveTool Mobile Sync provides a secure place for your data to safeguard against loss. Even better, you decide when to sync your data to the HiveTool Mobile Cloud. Why? Because you should be in control. We'll never play games with your data plan.

Aside from safeguarding your data, HiveTool Mobile Sync provides the means for you to share your data across devices. Use one device to log inspections, sync, and then sync other devices so your data is where you want it to be, on the devices you want it to be.


HiveTool Mobile Export provides an easy mechanism to export your Apiary level data to a file compatible with most any spreadsheet application. Simply choose an apiary, select Export and send it as an attachment to an email.

You read that right! HiveTool Mobile doesn't hold your data hostage because it's not our data - it's your data.

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The HiveTool Mobile Team loves the default look and feel theme Kudzu - but we imagine there may be one person out there that does not love the color of Kudzu honey all time time everywhere!

That's why we offer 14 selectable Themes, each providing a unique application look and feel that surely suits any environment or mood.


HiveTool Mobile is serious about your privacy, so much so we consider it a feature!
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HiveTool Mobile is not a web application (web site) pushed over the network to your mobile device.

HiveTool Mobile is a first class mobile device application with the features and conveniences you expect.