Recommended Inspection Workflow

You Don't Have to File a Single Inspection For Each Beehive

If you have a small number of beehives, performing per-hive inspections is not a problem. But as the number of beehives increases, use the recommended workflow for inspecting your apiary (bee yard).

The recommended way to inspect an apiary is to use the following feature workflow:

Forward Inspections

Flow current beehive inspection data forward to the date of your inspection. Forward Inspections creates a new set of current inspections for all beehives in the apiary.

Express Inspection

Choose beehives and file inspection data common to the selected beehives. Each Express Inspection merges current beehive inspection data with the Express Inspection data. You may file as many Express Inspections as needed.

Per Beehive Inspection

Amend a current beehive inspection for special, per-hive cases.

The Forward Inspections and Express Inspection features are available from an apiary's navigation menu.

You may edit the current inspection of any beehive from the Hive view by tapping on the beehive summary's Edit icon.