HiveTool Mobile To-Do's

What's a To-Do?

A HiveTool Mobile To-Do is a task you plan to complete some time in the future. It's an easy way to create a reminder of a task to perform for your beehives or apiary as a whole.

To-Do's are grouped by Apiary. However a To-Do may be specific to a beehive or group of beehives, not just the apiary.

A To-Do is comprised of the following data points:

  • Note A clear description of the To-Do
  • Priority Rank the urgency of the To-Do
  • Due By When the To-Do needs to be completed (optional)
  • Reminder A Date and Time to be reminded about the To-Do (optional)
  • Tagged Hives Hives to which the To-Do applies (optional)

Any active To-Do's are indicated on the Apiaries (main view) and Apiary views providing a smart visual reminder of any tasks at hand.

To-Do's: More Than Just a List

Tracking task progress over time is great and having a reminder of what needs to be done is even better. Of course, some To-Do's don't have anything to do with Inspections - for example, a "Take mower and cut grass around the hives" To-Do.

But for To-Do's that are reportable, for example a To-Do reminding you to Feed beehives, it gets better: Any To-Do can form the basis for an Express Inspection, optionally pre-staged with a Forward Inspections action. The full power of the To-Do is fully realized with Tagged Hives.

Tagged Hives are any number of beehives associated with a To-Do. Aside from the obvious informational benefit, Tagged Hives form the context for an Express Inspection launched directly from the To-Do view. Usually the process of filing an Express Inspection first involves selecting the beehives to which the inspection should apply - but since your To-Do can identify beehives via tagging associated with the To-Do the selection step already exists.

The Express Inspection workflow is triggered by tapping on a To-Do that appears once the Done checkbox is checked.

Beehive Tagging a To-Do creates an incredibly streamlined workflow from To-Do creation through completion to inspection!