HiveTool Mobile Plans

The mission of HiveTool Mobile is to deliver a top quality mobile application promoting honey bee wellness by providing beekeepers a modern, easy to use record keeping and task management system.

Introductory Trial

Have 28 Days On Us!

First time users enjoy a 28-day ad free trial supporting up to 100 hives with an unrestricted number of apiaries, matching exactly The Master Beekeeper subscription.

Once the trial period concludes you may opt into the free Community Edition or choose amongst 7 subscription tiers that best suits your needs. Of course you may alter your decision anytime.

Community Edition

Community Edition is FREE

Community Edition provides a free HiveTool Mobile experience with ads allowing the management of up to four hives within a single apiary.

Unlike Subscriptions, Community Edition requires network connectivity to operate.


Support the HiveTool Mobile Team

HiveTool Mobile's Subscriptions are ad-free and priced according to the number of hives managed with no restrictions on number of apiaries and supports Zero Network Operation.

Subscription tiers cover a wide range, from 7 to 500 hives.

Subscriptions provide for the HiveTool Mobile Team allowing the development of new features, enhancements, as well as covering operational costs.

When you purchase a Subscription you are not helping some VP buy a 3rd vacation home.

When you purchase a Subscription you are helping a few families dedicated to honey bee wellness pay for groceries, utilities, rents and mortgages.

Are you a Commercial Operator interested in the potential of HiveTool Mobile streamlining your enterprise processes? We'd like to hear from you!

Community EditionFREE

Manage up to 4 hives in 1 Apiary.

No Charge! Network Connectivity Required

The Beekeeper

Manage up to 7 beehives.

$0.99 USD/month*

The Busy Beekeeper

Manage up to 15 beehives.

$1.99 USD/month*

The Advanced Beekeeper

Manage up to 25 beehives.

$2.99 USD/month*

The Expert Beekeeper

Manage up to 50 beehives.

$3.99 USD/month*

The Master Beekeeper

Manage up to 100 beehives.

$4.99 USD/month*

The Sideliner

Manage up to 250 beehives.

$5.99 USD/month*

The Master Sideliner

Manage up to 500 beehives.

$6.99 USD/month*

*Subscription charges recur monthly. Where applicable, price does not include sales tax.

Your app store will manage the purchase, recurring charges, cancellations and currency conversions.

HiveTool Mobile does not handle any payment processing or information.

Please review the HiveTool Mobile Privacy Statement before purchasing a subscription.